Useful information

Useful information

Why do we need to see the text (document) before giving you a quote?

    • We will check and determine the exact size of text, even for uneditable formats.
    • We will check if all text is included in the size; text in blocks in uneditable formats or in uneditable illustrations may have been omitted.
    • We will check if unnecessary characters were included, such as tab, numbers, double space.


    • We will evaluate the difficulty of terminology in the text.
    • We will propose a possible translation deadline depending on the scale, difficulty and language combination of the translation.
    • We will find repetition in the text using a CAT program, which can lower the final price.
  • When text has been checked, we can give you a precise quote

Maintaining the original document format (for uneditable formats)

  • How to do that?

    • We maintain the original format for each translation.
    • We will translate all types in documents submitted in formats (PDF, JPG, etc.) not included in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), but they need to be converted.


  • Stylistics corrections in the text

    • We maintain the original format during conversion


  • Selecting suitable format

    • If you need to have large text translated, try to check if you have a copy in Word, Excel of PowerPoint.


  • Set your priorities

    • Submitting documents in editable format will speed up the process of having your translations delivered.


What to do before you order a translation

  • Check the style of the text

  • Create uniform source text

  • Set your priorities